The Cosmic People of Light Powers

Meeting with Ashtar Sheran 'commander of the grand cosmic squadron' to discuss the evacuation plan for planet Earth.

Are you a believer…? Are Aliens out there? Have you seen every X-Files episode? Who doesn’t love a compelling encounter story or government UFO conspiracy? Well, you’re not alone, and perhaps we are not alone in the universe. It’s a staggeringly big place, surely somewhere there must be something, right?

Around half the global population are deadset convinced, or at least a little bit intrigued. For this bizarre 90s cult in the Czech Republic called ‘Cosmic People of Light Powers’, the UFOs have landed. They are indeed directly communicating with us, and they have an important global message of love and peace to spread through the cosmos. Do the right thing, and you too can be transported to another dimension. 

You have unlimited possibilities to spread the light into darkness.

Like a freeware version of Scientology, there’s an enormous amount of texts, flyers, posters, videos, stickers, discussions, stories, and downloads freely available in almost every language. This baffling propaganda machine spams its ideology with mantras like: Eat good food. Don’t be a dick. Look after the planet. And perhaps most importantly, ‘DO NOT GET CHIPPED'.

I have an angelic dream that My children of Earth will one day live on this planet where they will not be judged by their position and role but by the content of their character.

New Earth People: join us as we become members of the galactic federation of planets.

We’re barely scratching the surface here – the ‘Cosmic People of Light Powers’ go deep… real deep. Randomly selecting a few of their downloads feels trying to decipher the diary of a madman. It’s overwhelming. They rant and rant. They contradict themselves, and are utterly diabolical in their attempts to brainwash their followers. Controlling, nonsensical, fear-mongering, downright crazy – and truly astounding.

With their wonderful use of free fonts, hierarchy, symbolism, vintage web design, messaging, infographics, animated GIFs, illustration, and COLOUR, it was simply something we couldn’t resist delving further into for the love of graphic design. I’m not sure there’s an organisation in the world that has managed to get this much creativity out of MS Word.

How to defend against attacks of evil extraterrestrial entities
All information, messages, and marketing can be freely spread and disseminated.

The belief system is entirely based upon the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. These are beings which have been telepathically communicating with their leader and other contactees since 1997.

Members of the movement distrust modern technologies and control mechanisms of society. They consider mass media to be a tool of oppression and manipulation.
Beware of attacks from negative extraterrestrial beings and lizard people.

As the most distinctive UFO religion in the Czech Republic - members distrust modern technologies and control mechanisms of global society. They believe mass media is a tool of oppression and manipulation and they also want abolish money.

1952 - 'Venusian' greeting in the California desert
Schematic diagram of the multidimensional mothership SHARE. Approximately 42km x 13km x 8km and 1 million years old.
"Love and like each other. Give good and use one to another."
"We love you and we are helping you."
*Painted according to photos. Heavenly angel 'Semjase' at a meeting in Switzerland.

"The movement represents a possible danger because of its religious background and similar features with Christianity"

- Society for Studying of Sects and New Religious Movements

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