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Dreams are not just for sleeping.

In our line of work we’re constantly discussing the dreams people have for their business. Some times these are problems to solve. More often they are big aspirations and bold moves.

Everyone who is working forward is thinking about this on some level. It doesn’t seem to matter what their thing is or what the scale their business is. The question is often; where to next with this thing? What’s the next move to make? How can I make this better? What can I do to make an impact on this? The list goes on…  Everyone has their version of this, something which they dream of.

We like to get to know our clients and project leaders. So when their next big thing is to have a better brand, a kick ass website, a meaningful way to market, or way to drum up more business… we then become a part of that dream. We’re in this together.

For Nick Thorn (NickThorn Design) and Tim Meyer (Meijer) – launching Atollon in 2018 is our dream. Our next step. Our plan for the future.

A way to live a wonderful life doing what we love. This is what drives us forward. It keeps us learning and questioning. It makes what we do a constantly rewarding challenge while constantly dangles the carrot we all desire. Our problem was how can we do this better? And our dream was to make it happen. Faster horses, better relationships, older whiskey – for us, this is our time to dream big. We believe we can fly.

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