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Merging Businesses

Nick and I had just met through a mutual client in 2017 - The wonderful Christopher & Carlan Pickings from Pickings & Parry, and the soon to open Heffernan & Haire on Gertrude Street, Melbourne.

At the time they were opening two new shops, winning retail design of the year awards, and had a barbershop constant with regulars. I had just started some branding work with them as Meijer Made. Nick had also just started looking at their new websites as NTD. It made sense we would cross paths. Web and brand together = Atollon. The islands had grown together in Fitzroy.


So this got us thinking; all the contacts we have on both sides… Nick had been running on his own for years. What were we going to launch our new joint partnership with? What would we tell those people?

We started with branding and web. A street sign went upWe had some cards and stickers printed, but not much else in the way of marketing. We both had quite a lot of other on-going work to keep with up + setting up Atollon was a bit of a ‘side project’ for about a year. Mapped out, in theory, it started looking like a real thing. Nick found a terrific office space we could share with good people. We had tediously chipped away at all the setup complexity. A year of Friday beers later, we were ready to merge. The playlists began accumulating and the street poster frame went up.

Through meeting and working with local businesses in Melbourne, we both had terrific design opportunities with people doing great things. For both of us, it’s been working in all sorts of sectors and design.


Not wanting to disappear in a random email as we merged – we needed something to distribute. So, maybe you’ve stumbled upon us from searching about something in this page? ( Web + SEO ) Or, you clicked from LinkedIn? ( Social ) Or, from an email? ( EDM ) The internet is a staggeringly big place. We like to think perhaps you have a copy of our book? ( Print ) Either way, here you are.

This book went far and wide to an odd mix of places around the world and of course in Melbourne and Daylesford, Victoria. Two years on this book is now a bit ‘out of date’ – one of the downsides sometimes in printing. It can linger on if done correctly. Or, perhaps you thought “I don’t want this book, why is it still in my home?” It all comes down to how you found us.

If you’re in the process of merging businesses, there’s no harm in preaching to the converted – Unless you’re a huge global brand, start with what you already have. If you would like to produce something like this for your launch or on-going marketing; feel free to contact us.

In the next few weeks, we will be printing our new addition with Bambra. The book is the first in a series of oddities. Unlike the previous version, zero Atollon services pitch. We’ll be covering Flat Earth Theory, Pastafarianism, Cigars, and Opium Dens. What does any of this have to do with Atollon…? I’m not sure either.


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