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The Bhagwan’s Rolls Royces

'Neo-Sannyas' movement 'rajneesh' cult leader - Chandra Mohan Jain (aka. The Bhagwan Rajneesh later known as 'Osho') 1931 - 1990

It's safe to say - the majority of us will never own 1 Rolls Royce, let alone 94 of them. Like an exotic bird who collects shiny things; The Bhagwan had a deep affinity with the worlds most famous luxury car brand.

Rajneeshee movement leader.
The guru preferred to drive about in a different Rolls each day.

The sex guru.

Rajneesh emphasised the importance of meditation, mindfulness, love, celebration, courage, creativity, and humour—qualities that he viewed as being suppressed by adherence to static belief systems, religious tradition, and socialisation.

The Bhagwan wasn't afraid to show off his wealth and desires.

The huge inflows of revenue made the Bhagwan a very rich man. Portraying himself as an enlightened being, the Bhagwan decided that the only car in which he would be seen was a Rolls Royce. But he wasn’t merely content on owning just one. He amassed ninety-four of them. The Rolls Royces soon became a symbol of sorts for the Bhagwan. Many of his cars had been adorned with custom artwork.

“Be — don't try to become”


The Rajneesh Modern Car Collection Trust was an organisation set up whose sole purpose was to deal with the acquisition and rental of Rolls Royces for Osho. The cars were used by the guru for his daily drives on the 64,000-acre Rancho Rajneesh. When later sold as part of the companies liquidation, many merely had even 1,000km on the clock.

It was believed that the Bhagwan enjoyed the comfort of the Rolls-Royce, but that the main reason that he bought them was to reward himself and his efforts to build Rajneeshpuram.

"People are sad, jealous, and thinking that Rolls Royces don’t fit with spirituality. I don’t see that there is any contradiction… In fact, sitting in a bullock cart it is very difficult to be meditative; a Rolls Royce is the best for spiritual growth."

- Bhagwan Rajneesh

Osho and his secretary Ma Anand Sheela.

After the Osho was deported from the US - The Bhagwan's collection of Rolls-Royces were sold off. It's unclear how many of them still exist today.

Rajneesh had enough money to buy 2 Rolls Royces per month.
The Silver Spur is a long-wheelbase version of the Silver Spirit, produced at the same time. It was the first car to feature the retractable Spirit of Ecstasy. Now a common feature on new Rolls, the spring-loaded Mascot sank into the radiator shell if dislodged from its position.


The RMCCT leased 25 Rolls-Royces which included; 19 x Silver Spurs, 4 x Camargues, 1 x Silver Spirit, and 1 x Silver Wraith II. The remaining 85 Rolls-Royce owned by RMCCT were sold to Mr Bob Roethlisberger – the president of the Carrollton car company for $7US Million. Or, $21.9 Million today. Shortly after, many in the collection were sold separately and dispersed internationally.


Wild Country - Netflix documentary about the controversial cult leader. The story of building a utopian city in the Oregon desert, resulting in conflict with the locals that escalates into a national scandal and immigration fraud..

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