Action speak louder than logos

'Brand' permeates through every aspect of how you are perceived. This is why a good identity is much more than just a logo. A well-made identity sets your direction, uniquely positions you from competitors and conveys your purpose. All things considered, encapsulating these aspects into a single vision isn’t a matter to be taken lightly. The more active and ambitious the brand; the more consistency and direction becomes paramount. Whether you’re a large multi national company, a new business or a boutique retailer - if you truly value your identity… Let's chat.

Branding is Encompassing

Branding is all encompassing.


We Begin

To tailor the correct solution we start on a fact finding journey. I get to know you, see what makes you tick, figure out what’s really needed, and hone in on your values. We also identify what issues need to be resolved. The problem could be as small as not having a brand to start with - right through to a complete shift in who your target market is. Once we are on the right tram we can work towards it.


Research & Analysis

At this stage we explore your market landscape, see where you sit in the pecking order and discuss what you could be doing differently. It's also an important phase to look at your demographics and key target audience. This step can dramatically shift your brand strategy and generally help provide a sounding board for decisions we'll be covering throughout the brand design process.



With this fact finding ammo in mind, I set about developing ways to bring your brand to life. These ideas are then presented to you in the many ways the brand could be activated. We discuss these solutions and set about refining them until they’re just right.



Now the cutting room floor has been swept and we have arrived at the direction; the finer detail of the brand's inner workings are finalised and documented.



This is the exciting part. After all is said and done… this is the actual done part. Together we implement a plan to activate the brand, produce each of the elements, and put theory into practice. It’s the amalgamation of all those big decisions right in the palm of your hands, or applied to the top of your building - Our favourite part of the project.



Although you now have your new toolkit of brand assets to use as you wish, I prefer to continue the journey in partnership with you and/or your in-house creatives to provide ongoing brand maintenance and communication. A good brand/designer relationship allows for exact consistency and a greater knowledge of why there’s more to it than the sum of its parts.

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