Colossal Branding. Lego.

The Danish family-owned brand best known for manufacturing interlocking plastic bricks.
600+ Billion of them!

by Tim Meyer

Another iconic company in our series of colossal brands – the little bricks which need no introduction. We’ve all dabbled in making something with them, painfully stood on them, seen a movie made out of them, lodged one up a nostril (yes I once was that child), or even played a video game with them… They are literally everywhere!

Since 1949 the Lego brand and subculture has been steadily growing and growing – In so many ways Lego truely is one of the world’s most powerful brands. Lego has always lived up to their original brand mantra – ‘Only the best will do’ and have certainly exceeded in achieving their mission to ‘Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow’.  Here’s some of their more interesting and clever marketing over the years.

Building Tomorrow’s Astronauts

Lego House – made of 21 giant LEGO-style “bricks” and designed by Bjarke Ingels

Lego Mission to Mars

Imagine – The Simpsons

Lego x Porsche GT3 RS

Clever use of environment

Lego Technics

Lego Creation

Lego Build Anything Crosswords

Lego x Rubiks Cube

Making History | 50 Years of Lego

Making History | 50 Years of Lego

Making History | 50 Years of Lego

Lego Classical Masters

Lego Imagine

Driveable Bugatti Chiron | Entirely Built of Lego


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