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E2 has been in collaboration with Atollon for quite some time. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the team on a range of projects. The harmony of branding, retail, and digital working together forms the perfect mix required to exceed in an increasingly difficult retail environment. We like working with E2 because they are optimistic, curious, informed, and collaborative. They watch, listen, and feed our appetite for imaginative problem-solving which culminates in solutions which E2 bring to life.

Let’s not shy away from the challenge at hand here. Online advancement has resulted in a decline in real-life experiences.

E2 create spaces which are all about understanding the needs and wants of the consumer. Immersing themselves in their lives to foster an inherent connection. It’s about opportunity, design, and implementation. E2 is the next generation of consumer interaction all backed by proven data and consumer insight strategies.

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