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Ena Pelly Kids

As the Ena Pelly brand and product offering continues to grow; clothing for kids was a logical next step. Mini-me clothing for mums to buy has inundated social media, with many brands line extending with great success. For the new Ena Pelly Kids identity, we wanted to take the simplicity and minimalism of the core brand – shifting it in a somewhat alternate direction where colour and playfulness makes the branding uniquely for kids.

Eco-friendly faux fur jackets for kids.

As part of their initial range offering, Ena Pelly Kids follows on from a successful launch of recycled faux fur jackets in the Ena Pelly women’s range. With consumers increasingly being mindful of their environmental impacts, this is a good choice for kids too. In this year alone, it’s estimated Ena Pelly has reclaimed and reused approximately 310,000 plastic water bottles – fitting with their mantra of ‘Feels good, looks good, is good’.

Ren Pidgeon | Photo
Ren Pidgeon | Photo
Ren Pidgeon | Photo
Ren Pidgeon | Photo
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