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Glowbe truly is living in the light less ordinary. This new range of luxury LED lighting required a brand, packaging, website, product renders and social content to launch with. The bulbs are unusual, well-made, stylish, and available in several sizes and finishes.

Let's get lit.

Looking at other light bulb manufactures we asked; ‘Why are all the bulbs facing the wrong direction?’ ‘Wouldn’t it be good to see the globe turn on/off?’ and ‘How can we push away from another run of the mill choice?’ The answer was a simple but edgy brand direction which was taking inspiration from modern fashion brands.

Like most people, you probably just grabbed any old light bulb from Bunnings or the supermarket right? Well… Here’s something interesting for you. Step up your lighting game and live in the light a little less ordinary with Glowbe. These amazing new LED bulbs really are quite remarkable – a feature to your home, office, café, restaurant, bar, studio… anywhere with a socket and the need for a bit of ‘hoodzpah’.

“Atollon brought our brand to life through branding, website design, product packaging, and social channels with a high attention to detail. They have been great to deal with and have delivered exceptional results with great feedback from our customers."

- Mark O’Connell | Entrepreneur

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