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We are creative. Reliable. Friendly. Precise. Rebellious. Honest. Environmental. Effective. Unique. Connected. Professional. Organised. Bold. Skilled. Knowledgeable. Strategic. Dedicated.

Atollon is a powerful </br> creative resource.

Atollon is a powerful
creative resource.

Based in Fitzroy, Australia; Atollon exists to help brands be their best selves in print and web; conceiving and solving problems with a passionate concern for detail. For us – good design truly is a labour of love.

  • Nick Thorn | Director
  • Tim Meyer | Creative Director
  • Emma Paine | Designer

It's the thought that counts.

Brand & Identity Design. Creative Direction. Graphic Design. Print. Marketing & Communication Strategy. Brand Management. Content. Web Design & Technology. Apps. UX & Code Development.


Pronounced ‘At-o-llon’

Occasionally we are asked: “What does the name actually mean..?” Well, there is two parts to this story. Firstly. Charles Darwin used the term in ‘The Origin of Species’ to describe the formation of islands which created an ‘Atollon’. So, thinking of NTD & Meijer (the director’s former businesses) as islands which have grown together… you get an “Atol”. Secondly. Star Wars geeks out there might recognise planet ‘Atollon’ as home of the rebel base in a galaxy far, far away.

Whether you’re just starting out or evolving something existing, we are here to help you grow your baby.

Let’s make something remarkable.