Design Intern

Hey, we get it; you gotta start somewhere. You want a foot in the door…? Sell us the sizzle and let’s see what you’ve got.

Design Intern
Atollon - a design company. Brand and Web Design Conversation

Atollon’s strength is our people. We all have different skills, different backgrounds, personalities, and specialities. Together we divide and conquer in our areas of expertise. We strive to have the best of the best for each key role. As we continue to grow, we aim to have a rich diversity of experiences, cultures and genders on the team, working in careers they love.

Nick Thorn and Anna Matthews - Digital Design - Atollon Design Studio

Collingwood HQ

Just around the corner from Wet on Wellington in Collingwood, our multi-level studio is a mid-century open-plan workspace. Featuring books and more books, Japanese Whiskey, a mini photography studio, and constant tunes. It’s quite a welcoming, peaceful place to hang out and work together.

Tim Meyer - Creative Director - Atollon Design Studio

Positive Professional Development

Atollon is a studio that avoids traditional hierarchy. We’re all in this together, and we’re all on the tools to make it happen. Our directors steer the ship and deliver projects alongside you -– it’s our job to bring you good projects with good people. It’s a place where you can make your mark, progress, and continue to learn. We will match your ambition because it’s always best to have you at your best.

Mike Pharaoh - Designer - Atollon Collingwood Studio

Working on great stuff

We love what we do, and we give it everything we’ve got. Atollon covers a unique spectrum of work. Whether it’s huge and global, or an old mate around the corner, we dig in to our craft and take it all the way. From brand creation and go-to-market strategies to full tech stack web design and everything in between. No two days are the same, and if we don’t know it – we’ll figure it out.

Mike Pharaoh - Designer - Atollon Collingwood Studio


There’s always coffee going around. We expand your personal book library. It’s ok to work from home, occasionally. Friday is always pub lunch day. We do a few regular ‘inspiration’ excursions throughout the year. We take the time to attend design conferences and provide paid training for you. We’re all for generous leave and flexible time off. Perhaps best of all; we schedule our working days so we can all have a life outside of work.