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Inspiration for the new dad generation.

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The Deal. End-to-end real estate advisors and negotiators.

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Re-inventing an eco-friendly Australian fashion brand.

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Directors Nick Thorn and Tim Meyer combine over 30 years experience
in Australian Design.


Nick Thorn


A graduate of the National School of Design; Nick’s love of technology has been a strong driver in his career. Working with corporate clients through to early stage startups, he specialises in website and app design, marketing, strategy, and technology problem-solving. With a holistic view on projects, Nick can always find a solution that works in line with your business goals and overall strategic direction.

Tim Meyer


As an Australian graduate with a love for Dutch design; Tim began honing in on his process, style, and design principals in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Over the past 15 years as a specialist in creative direction, graphic design and identities; Tim has been trusted to develop and evolve brands for some of the world’s leading retail, fashion, and charity organisations.

We create thoughtful identities for brands with a vision. By digging a little deeper, we uncover your uniqueness and provide direction for strong communication across all iterations.

We design and build custom websites and apps with a distinct connection to your brand. With functionality and purpose in mind, each portal is made to tailor your specific needs.

Atollon provides businesses 
with a range of design services 
to enhance their brand.

Spanning several industries, we are trusted to provide value for organisations with a range of design solutions. By doing what we do best, Atollon is personally invested in ensuring our clients achieve their goals and stand out... in a good way.

Atollon intertwines branding, and web, and marketing interactions to help brands communicate.

The Bhagwan's Rolls Royces.

It's safe to say - the majority of us will never own 1 Rolls Royce, let alone 94 of them. Like an exotic bird who collects shiny things; Bhagwan Rajneesh had an affinity with the worlds most luxurious cars. So what happened to them all?
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We love a good design challenge.

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