We specialise in developing visually stunning, responsive Shopify websites. With clarity and simplicity, we create captivating online stores that connect with your audience. No matter the scale or complexity, we can design and develop a custom Shopify website that meets all your eCommerce requirements.

By collaborating closely with clients, we develop top-notch online Shopify stores that seamlessly adapt to all devices, providing a seamless online shopping experience.

Emphasising clarity and ease-of-use, our design approach ensures your brand’s digital presence resonates with your target audience. Harnessing the power of Shopify, we tailor each platform to meet your brand’s unique needs and values, prioritising simplicity and user-friendly design. Our dedication and expertise ensures we provide outstanding eCommerce solutions that enhance your brand in a fast paced digital environment. Our outcomes raise the bar and create a long-lasting impression on your digital audience.

Atollon is a design company. Built around designing pixel-perfect websites that enhance your brand’s presence and drive value. With UX and UI design expertise, we design and develop scalable, flexible, and powerful Shopify websites. Our studio is based in Melbourne, Australia.


Shopify Discovery

In our Shopify website design process, we begin by thoroughly examining the client brief. As a team, we chat in depth about your website aspirations, delving into your key audiences, purpose, functionality and component architecture your site will need for exceptional results.


Shopify Design

As a studio founded on the overlap between digital and brand, we take yours into thoughtful consideration. We review what could be done to further elevate your brand online, and make sure there’s a consistent look, feel and messaging across all channels. Sometimes we revisit the who, what, where and why of what you do to make sure we’re truly representing your heart and soul online, and accurately.


Shopify Development

When developing custom Shopify websites, we pay close attention to detail while harnessing Shopify’s core features for seamless user experiences. Our approach integrates high quality front-end aspects like seamless transitions, refined animations, and pixel perfect UI design. We ensure any copy is edited, polished and easy to read, ensuring a rewarding browsing journey.


Shopify Deployment

Upon deploying Shopify websites, we offer steadfast maintenance, support, and easy training for our clients. By incorporating Google Analytics, we provide valuable insights for data-driven product decisions and future campaign direction. It’s insight that gives you peace of mind and powerful opportunity moving forward.


What are the recurring costs of maintaining a Shopify website?

Costs for maintaining a Shopify store vary, especially with different Shopify theme choices. While custom themes may introduce extra expenses, the beauty of Shopify is its transparent pricing. After the website launch, standard Shopify monthly subscription fees apply. Also, consider potential costs for essential plugins and extensions.

How much does designing and developing a Shopify website cost?

Pricing for a Shopify website design can greatly fluctuate based on the client’s unique requirements. We recommend connecting with our expert team to get a tailored estimate. Crucial cost determinants include the choice between a full custom design, a hybrid theme, specific e-commerce integrations, and the overarching complexity of the website’s design.

How much flexibility does a custom Shopify website provide?

A custom-designed Shopify store offers vast flexibility, allowing businesses to craft a distinctive online presence. The Shopify platform itself is renowned for its adaptability, letting brands seamlessly integrate functionalities tailored to their niche.

Can you break down the differences among Basic, Custom, and Hybrid Shopify Websites?

  • Custom Theme: Offers a completely unique e-commerce experience, devoid of base Shopify elements. This is your go-to for a tailor-made, high-end user experience.
  • Hybrid Theme: A fusion of customization and efficiency, based often on tried-and-true themes like Dawn. This approach is perfect for businesses wanting both uniqueness and rapid deployment.

What's the typical timeline for a Shopify website project?

Crafting a visually stunning and functional Shopify website can vary in time. Generally, the design phase takes around a month, with development spanning 6 to 12 weeks. The timeline hinges largely on the project’s complexity and bespoke features required.

Which plugins are available?

Shopify’s ecosystem boasts a plethora of plugins catering to diverse e-commerce needs, from inventory management to customer reviews. It’s essential to note that while some plugins are free, others might entail additional costs.

Can you optimize my store for SEO and conversion?

Indeed! With e-commerce competition soaring, SEO and conversion optimization are paramount. We leverage industry-best practices, Google AdWords campaigns, and detailed CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) analytics to maximize your store’s visibility and conversion rates.

Can the online store be synchronized with my in-store POS?

Shopify is celebrated for its robust POS capabilities. Beyond the native Shopify POS system, our team possesses the expertise to integrate diverse POS systems, ensuring seamless offline-to-online sales synchronization.

How do Shopify's payment gateways function?

Shopify offers secure and versatile payment gateway options, accommodating a plethora of payment methods and currencies. Whether using Shopify Payments or third-party gateways, you’re ensured a smooth transaction experience.

Do you provide ongoing maintenance?

Yes, sustaining an optimal e-commerce experience is crucial. We offer both on-demand services and comprehensive retainer-based maintenance, aligning with your business needs and ensuring your Shopify store always operates at its peak.

Can you assist in setting up my site and inventory for launch?

Launching an e-commerce store can be intricate. Our dedicated team streamlines this process, from meticulous product uploads to crafting SEO-optimized product descriptions, ensuring your store’s grand opening is a resounding success.

I already have a design. Can you help with development?

Absolutely! Share your innovative designs with us, and our skilled development team will transform them into a live, functional Shopify store, optimized for both user experience and search engines.

How do Shopify and Shopify Plus differ?

While both platforms embody Shopify’s commitment to e-commerce excellence, they cater to different business scales. Shopify typically serves small to midsize ventures, whereas Shopify Plus is tailored for larger enterprises demanding advanced features. Pricing reflects these distinctions, with Shopify Plus starting at $2,000/month, and Shopify offering various more affordable tiers.

How does Shopify stack up against other e-commerce platforms?

Shopify is globally renowned for its ease of use, scalability, and security. When compared to platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, or BigCommerce, Shopify consistently emerges as a top choice for businesses ranging from startups to established brands, thanks to its comprehensive features and dedicated support.

Just a few quick Shopify questions? Or, have a full website brief ready to roll? The hotline to Atollon is ready to dig in and crowd around your project.