Branding, designers and creativity can be difficult to explain and grasp. Tim Meyer’s superpower is the ability to unpack a brand and destructure what’s working and what’s not and why. He’s a hands-on strategic designer and thinker who develops brands that build a culture. We work with many creatives. Some are great intuitive designers but lack the ability to communicate. Tim’s strength is his ability to tell your brand’s story — he can identify and document how to build a competitive market brand and better than that, he can communicate how to build on those strengths and weaknesses.”

- Design Business Council

For Atollon; the generation of ideas and vision for companies is a daily labour of love. The challenge to make a BIG difference is not one taken lightly. We live in a world of (often) drab and ineffective design – (uninspiring). On the other hand, smart brands who know who they are can dominate sectors and take giant leaps – (exceptional). When it comes to good brands, fortune does favour the brave. So, If you want to shift the dial and leave your competitors in the dust, together, we’ll discover your values and personality. Because by starting with building the foundations, a solid brand direction can change everything.

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More than a logo, our approach to branding is all encompassing, from creating identities and strategy to crafting unique directions and communication plans.



Colour Palette
Hierarchy System
Style Guide


Brand identities are special things. The visual representation of your company, product, and service. It’s how you know the difference between you and your competitors. A sign of good business. The emblem of what you do and how you do it. Get it wrong, people might think, “This is not for me”. Get it right, and people will think, “This is exactly for me”. We love designing identities and are here to ensure you get it right.

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Brand Audit

Competitor Landscape
Stakeholder Engagement


Big conversations around your brand always unearth the nugget of what to do next. Its not always easy to get everyone on board; we guide and report back on what to do next, bringing key stakeholders on the journey. If you really want to make a big shift with confidence, let’s start the R+D right here.


Creative Direction
Brand Story
Tone of Voice


Brand is everything. Who, what, where, how, why, and everything in-between. Far more than a logo, branding is the iceberg of factors that prescribes how you’re viewed – it’s what is above the water that is generally what your customer sees and feels. “It is the Marbo, it’s the vibe.” Based in Melbourne, we are brand design specialists with a broad range of experience in many industries.

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Brand Book

Comprehensive Guide
Usage Examples
Detailed Brand Information


Brand books are somewhat of a specialty at Atollon. Many of a clients are familiar with style guides, but a surprised to discover the depth of direction and scope of a full brand publication. For good reason; we often say “This is the document you’d be mortified if it were to fall into the hands of your competitors.” To find out more about the power of brand books, click here.


Identity Updates
Brand Direction Shift


Have an existing brand? Are you a huge house-hold name? Well even you need to hit the gym every now and then. Keeping things sharp, relevant, fresh, and effective takes some strategy and design. We’ve re-branded many companies for different reasons, at the end of the day it’s about staying ahead. Where-ever your brand is at, if you’re looking forward and need problem solving, we would love to talk big picture and design accordingly.


Navigating wealth goals with care, precision and expert advice.
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Reptile Encounters

The mobile zoo that’s all about inspiration, education, and conservation through experiencing wildlife up close.
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Experts at facilitating funding for large-scale commercial property clients.
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The ultimate guidebook for setting team culture goals and company purpose for growth.

Good branding can do many things, including; brand personality as a competitive advantage. Unlocking strategies through brand DNA. Solving communication and competitor problems with design. Attracting new business through strong point of difference. Communicating your brand story and values. Documenting and promoting company culture.

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Just a few quick brand questions? Or, have a full brand brief ready to roll? The hotline to Atollon is ready to dig in and crowd around your branding project. Let’s chat.

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