Reptile Encounters

Putting the fun back in Reptile Encounters

Reptile Encounters is all about inspiration, education, and conservation through experiencing wildlife up close. Josh and the team make nature education fun and exciting; our goal was obvious; communicate not only their mission but their focus on fun; how do we make this engaging and dynamic to appeal to kids of all ages? The result was a shift forward to a whole new identity system which can be applied in any number of combinations and achieve its goal; super fun! From workshop to rollout to brand book; we’ve had fun making this… can you tell?

Reptile Encounters is an educational mobile zoo that sets out to make wildlife fun and exciting. Josh and the team not only teach kids across Victoria all about our scaliest and slimiest friends, but are passionate about inspiring young Aussies to get hands on with vital conservation efforts.

In eye catching neon green and orange, with a playful array of reptile inspired illustrative elements, the fun and engaging new designs work on sticker packs, invitations, signage, uniforms and advertising. We’re happy to see it put a smile on the face of not just school kids, but all the parents, carers and teachers who get involved too.

When we decided to rebrand twelve months ago; Atollon was there to guide us through the process. From the initial team workshop, right through to completion; it's been a fun and collaborative experience. We're so excited to now have a brand that conveys exactly what we want to market.

- Josh Cox | Director

We love a good design challenge.

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