FSC Universe

Setting the goals of team culture.

FSC Universe is the culmination of documenting team culture and creativity to communicate a growth strategy plan. Thinking of FSC’s team culture and work ethic as a star at the centre of their business universe – the impacts and interconnectivity give a clear guide to their purpose and the meaning behind their expert technical consulting and infrastructure outcomes. Internally, this publication is the key to unlocking potential across all levels of their organisation. A step towards inspiring greatness. A vision for the future of FSC and the process of how they’ll arrive there.

Victorian Premiers Design Award - Finalist 2021

Atollon x FSC was honoured to be considered as a communication design finalist in the 2021 Victorian Premiers Design Awards for this piece. Judged by a national and international panel of design experts, and being our first-ever award entry; to sit alongside this high calibre of creativity and practitioners was truly humbling.

Clarity, goals, and direction for their culture and mission.

FSC Group is not a traditional engineering company. They needed a way to communicate the big picture and unify their collective direction. The brief was to develop an outcome that exemplified and detailed their unique cultural point of difference, their ‘people first’ mindset, and their vision for the company. The design considered how the end-user thinks and feels in their industry – these are technical engineering people; they acknowledge the finer details, they appreciate quality, they don’t want a run of the mill outcome. Structurally and visually, it needed to appeal to their senses, to look and feel like something from their world – speaking their language, leverage interesting print design to make it feel tailored explicitly to them.

Collectively, we were quick to rule out trying to achieve this with their existing brand identity elements - this needed to be special on a different level. With an idea and direction mapped out, we set about exploring mood boards to approach the visuals. Scientific Infographics, Sci-fi Novels, Astronomy Diagrams, Particle Physics, Deep Space, Theory of Relativity, Cosmic Background Radiation, Carl Sagan.

A source of leadership and inspiration.

The structure of the content guides the reader through the journey of understanding. There’s a clear distinction between top-level information and further reference. Each of the three core chapters contributes to an equation that equals the desired outcome. We wanted that equation to be understood even at a quick skim of the book. Also, each pillar incorporates illustrations to give a sense of what’s relevant at a glance. This function, colour choice, design, and approach makes the book something which can be referred to by the team long term. It pops out in the workplace, and it’s a document the group can be proud to be part of.

We love a good design challenge.

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