Rural Activism. Piss Off AusNet.

"What do we want? NO POWERLINES!"

There’s a fight brewing near Ballarat, Victoria. Driving through Dean, Newlyn, Creswick; Farming communities are pushing back and making their voices heard. Their message is clear and simple; Piss Off AusNet!

AusNet are proposing to build a 190 km high-voltage transmission line straight through Victoria’s ‘Spud and Spa’ region. 380 huge towers (as tall as the MCG light towers) which many local farmers fear will destroy their livelihoods! The proposed plan also includes a massive terminal station north of Ballarat at Mount Prospect, destroying around 60 acres of private agricultural land. To action this plan, AusNet are trying to compulsorily acquire land which has been in the same families’ hands for generations; Making surrounding land unusable, rendering Irrigation infrastructure useless, and devaluing their properties.

There’s an alternative they want politicians to consider; stand up for our environment and our rich agricultural areas – put the powerlines underground and down the Western Highway! It might be more expensive to install, but it’s safer and more efficient. And it is proven to be of equal cost over the life of the project. Sounds like a no-brainer.

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