BD Realty

Genuine care, lasting impressions. It's a mantra this country Queenslander decided to build his brand by.

Brock Jaeger couldn’t help but notice the difference between the luxury property listings he was representing, and the level of expertise offered back home in Queensland’s growth pockets. When he felt it was time to go back to his roots, he embarked upon a journey to revolutionise his local property market.

Mixing high end expertise with his salt of the earth upbringing, Brock came to us with the challenge of representing the two. Identifying strongly with his values of integrity, optimism and motivation, we created a brand identity that could appeal to a down to earth audience. Friendly and clear, the BD identity utilises an unique colour palette, highly legible type, art directed photography, and a suite of nested services (including home improvement and academy style training) housed in a modular design system.

BD Realty’s digital experience has also been tailored to match a sense of approachability, with emphasis placed on large imagery, real world testimonials, and before and after case studies. Built with simple, seamless, direct integration with VaultRE, the front end experience is fast, light and easy to navigate.

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