Ena Pelly

There’s a lot of fashion ‘blanding’ out there. Same, same, but not so different.
When we started the brand DNA process with Ena Pelly the brief was clear; minimal but distinct. A challenge to separate from the pack. The logo itself is quite universal and straightforward – however, the brand direction was anything from simple. We arrived at Ena Pelly “For the wild ones”. A quirky streak in the soul of the brand which enabled us to push further with the products and communication.

Ena Pelly is made for strong women. Confident in life, love, and career.

Fiercely independent. It’s a complicated world for our customer. Dulled by mindless scrolling, the instinct is to shout through the noise for many brands. This is not Ena Pelly. Although we are wild at heart, we are calm, thoughtful, and at peace in the chaos of life. We keep it simple. We keep it stylish.


Shane Thompson | Urchin

Est. 2014 – Ena Pelly is the quintessential luxury Australian fashion brand which exemplifies bold, progressive ideals and a seductive, yet often minimal aesthetic. Through their clean ‘designer’ approach and distinctive style – we bring a level of elegance to casual statement pieces, completing ‘the look’ for those who bravely embrace the collision of tradition and modernity.

We love a good design challenge.

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