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FSC Group

Atollon reached somewhat of a milestone working with FSC Group – Our first Engineering company. A sector which our team has had an interest in. We’re extremely proud of this corporate identity developed for the group. Our overarching direction and positioning statement was ‘Building it Better’. ‘It’ could be appropriate for any number of industrial, infrastructure, energy, and transport solutions they provide. A bold challenge and a direction for our brand.

We believe this identity positions them as a confident, thoughtful, and caring company which focuses on the people involved.

Where many competitors take a ‘construction’ approach to their brand identity, we felt it would be possible to be solid but not overtly ‘trade’ focused. By allowing imagery to be the core of the brand, we could tell a broader brand story and differentiate from competitors. Being a new brand in a competitive industry required all levels of branding and digital interactions to take the market by storm.

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