Share your story, change the story.

She’s A Crowd

Changing the narrative around gender based violence, one powerful story at a time.

  • Collaborators
  • Zoe Condliffe

With 9 in 10 Australian women reporting they’ve experienced a form of street harassment, and 1 in 2 transgender individuals reporting sexual abuse/and or assault at some point in their lives, gender based violence is an issue that commands our attention. Founder Zoe Condliffe drew upon her own experiences as a catalyst to create change for thousands of women and minorities around the world.

She’s A Crowd is an online platform that aims to close the data gap on gender-based violence in Australia and abroad. By asking participants to share stories anonymously from any location, data is collected and manually de-identified. The platform forms a more accurate picture of problematic areas and behaviours, and pushes governments, universities and local organisations to implement effective prevention and intervention strategies.

We were immensely proud to work on the website, app and collateral for the She’s A Crowd brand. By working alongside Zoe and her dynamic team, we were able to create a unique online presence that has since seen She’s A Crowd grow and evolve into one of Australia’s most innovative start-ups.

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