The website that changed the game for Aussie real estate agencies online.

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Bold. Polished. Matter of Fact.

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Whitefox arrived at a time when highly polished websites for Australian real estate just didn’t exist. Founder and Director Marty Fox understood this acutely — and became the perfect client to rectify the situation with. With a clear sense of where he was going and who he wanted Whitefox to be, his challenge for us was simple but powerful: to create a smartly dressed, agile and forward facing website that could provide customers with the results they wanted — better than anyone else on the market.

Whitefox succeeded by using a brand strategy few in their space are able to implement well: marketing Australian real estate as an aspirational lifestyle dream. We placed looping, cinematic video front and centre of their brand. We removed all unnecessary ornamentation from the digital designs — matching the brand’s bold, matter of fact messaging. And we continue to work closely with Whitefox to ensure they stay at the top of their game, updating or creating features as we keep our eyes peeled on the latest changes in real estate technology.



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Showcasing luxury properties required more of a framework than an excessively over-designed website – we didn’t want the site to overpower its content. With an emphasis on mobile functionality and ease of us, the new design has shown remarkable results. We thank Marty and the team for bringing us along on the journey.

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