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The praxhub brand direction initially started out with “making doctors’ lives easier” as the tagline. Which might be something a dry cleaner could also say. We wanted to dig a little deeper to unlock the real potential of a new brand direction; something more revolutionary to represent them with simplicity and eloquence. It needed to be something powerful and differentiated to gain attention with time-poor doctors. By summarising what praxhub does and the nature of their brand, we arrived at; “Here for Healthcare”.

In a conservative medical marketplace, most branding is quite dull; full of conformity and lacking genuine personality.

Within the spectrum of functionality in praxhub, we had multiple areas of the brand to research; from networking and collaboration to education, and communication. This is also because our points of contact for the brand incorporated a wide range of stakeholders, from the Medical Colleges, Societies and other peak bodies, to the individual rural GP or first-year medical students.

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