Wealth Street

Paving a new financial path forward for everyday Aussies.

It’s no secret that housing in Australia is a hot button issue. With a growing majority struggling to get a foothold on the property ladder, Wealth Street aims to empower everyday Aussies to achieve their financial goals. Wealth Street finds high-growth properties that are within budget and backed by independent research. It’s their mission to make successful property investment and management a straightforward path.

A key problem within this sector is establishing trust. Asking everyday Aussies to place their financial livelihoods in a brand they’ll connect with digitally is no easy task. Finer, subtler details would need to work together for Wealth Street to convey a sense of leadership, integrity and transparency. There also needed to be a tonal balance found — a financial brand that didn’t shout its credentials, but reassured potential customers with calm and precision. Consequently, Wealth Street now has a look and feel that sets them apart in a growing sector. A modular and flexible layout system houses content with clarity and precision. Typeface choice, scale, tone of voice and art direction all work together harmoniously. Much like the feeling invoked from its bottle greens and subdued greys, Wealth Street speaks to its audience with professionalism, timelessness and polish.

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