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404 Fitzroy Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

The Fitzroy Mills Market

Remember when you knew your grocers’ name? We don’t, but it’s a nice sentiment and it’s what The Fitzroy Mills Market is all about – buying fresh local produce directly from the farmer. A positive and healthy community gathering every Saturday on Rose Street – rain, hail or shine. The custom-designed typography is inspired by TFMM’s industrial heritage and forms the bond between everything this new market communicates.

We’re proud to be part of the market and we take it as a compliment when we hear – ‘it’s very Fitzroy’.

Atollon developed the kit of parts which creates the Fitzroy Mills Market brand identity. It’s a modular system which can shift with the seasons. Although the identity has some general rules, quite a lot of it can dramatically change depending on what the market wants to communicate. By custom-making the fonts, the typography across the brand is uniform.

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